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The Dubliners - The Triple Album Collection - 3CD

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The Dubliners - The Triple Album Collection - 3CD
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CD 1 - A Drop Of The Hard Stuff
Seven drunken nights
The galway races
The old alarm clock
Colonel Fraser & O'Rourke's reel
The rising of the moon
I'm a rover
Weila waile
The traveling people
The limerick rake
The zoological gardens
The fermoy lassies & sporting paddy
The Black Velvet Band
Paddy on the railway

CD 2 - More Of The Hard Stuff
Muirsheen durkin
Docey reilly
A nation once again
Whiskey in the jar
The old triangle
A pub with no beer
Kelly the boy from Killan
The croppy boy
Sullivan's John
Come and join the british army
The shoals of herring
Mormon braes
Drink it up men
Maloney wants a drink

CD 3 - At It Again!
Seven deadly sins
The net hauling song
Nancy whiskey
Many young men of twenty
Instrumental (Paddy's gone to France / Skylark)
Molly Bawn
The dundee weaver
The Irish navy
Tibby dunbar
The inniskillen dragoons
Instrumental (Medley)
The piper's chair
Bill Hart's jig
The knights of St. Patrick
I wish I were back in Liverpool
Darby O'Leary
Go to sea no more

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The Dubliners - The Triple Album Collection - 3CD

Bevat de albums:
- A Drop Of The Hard Stuff
- More Of The Hard Stuff
- At It Again!

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