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The Blackwood Brothers - Southern Gospel Legends

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Release Datum 1 jan. 2000
Gegevensdrager CD
Artiesten The Blackwood Brothers
Rock-A-My Soul - Take My Hand Precious
Lord - Angels Watches Over Me - Swing
Down, Chariot - It Is No Secret - Wanta
Rest - Peace In The Valley - Oh What A
Time - Joy, Joy, Joy (To My Soul) - Someone
To Care - How Many Times - Every Day
Will Be Sunday, By And By - Gloryland
Jubilee - Brush The Dust Off The Bible - The
Workshop Of The Lord - I Don`t Care What
The World My Do - Led By The Master`s
Hand - Church Twice On Sunday - What A
Morning - I Saw A Man - I Just Can`t Make It
By Myself - He Knows Just What I Need - I
Wanta Go There - I`ve Heard About A City - I
Wouldn`t Trade - His Love

The Blackwood Brothers - Southern Gospel Legends
(CTS 5553)

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