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Hardcore - The Ultimate Collection - Vol 1. 2014 - 2CD

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Release Datum 1 jan. 2000
Artiesten Hardcore
CD 1 Art Of Fighters - Fuck You! Tears Of Fury - Light In The Darkness DJ Mad Dog - Thunder-Like Furyan - Teknology Art Of Fighters feat. Mello Bondz - Resurrection N-Vader - The Enemy DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky (Re-Style and Bass-D 2013 Remix) Hellsystem - Monster Endymion feat. Ellie - Lest I Forget Miosa feat. Mc Axys - The God Of War Kasparov and System Shock feat. Diesel - Dedication Synthax - Medicine Xcite - On A Mission Chaos - To Yourself Noxious - The World of Sound Buzz Fuzz - S.O.S. Message In A Bottle Damian - The Wrong Game Legion Of The Lost - Restore Order Neophyte, Tieum and Rob Gee - Coming At You Strong The Sickest Squad feat. Kraken - Re-Vo-Lu-Tion ՂÕ_ÕÔ_ՂÕ_ÕÔ_ՂÕ_ÕÔ_ՂÕ_ÕÔ_ՂÕ_ÕÔ_ CD 2 Despairful Tomorrow - December Endymion - Punk-Ass Art Of Fighters and DJ Mad Dog - Badass Neophyte, The Viper and Tha Playah - Master This! Gizmo - Being A Gangsta Ophidian - The Middle Children (DJ The Viper Remix) Miosa feat. MC Rephex - Going Hard Prankster - Afraid Furyan - Perspectives N-Vader - Fother Mucker Quitara - Dedication Tears Of Fury - Death Comes In Silence Tieum and Angerfist - Dirty Man Xcite - Don`t Hate Me the Twins Artcore - Demons Inside The Box Damian - Mindrage Neophyte and Scott Brown feat. Alee - Only Way Out DJ Mad Dog and Unexist - Disproving God The Sickest Squad feat. Neverquiet - Children Of Core Legion Of The Lost - Sick Days

Hardcore - The Ultimate Collection - Vol 1. 2014 - 2CD

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